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Video & Social Media Marketing, South Australia

Are you looking to get back to business?

So, you are looking to get back to work when the restrictions lift. Green Eyed Monster Video is right there with you. We can produce marketing videos, product info segments…
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Business Skeptic – Pivoting

Business Skeptic: Pivoting. What, hey, shrug. What is pivoting and should you do it? Tweet to @GrnEydMnster FOLLOW US ON:

Getta Grip: Dave’s Tavern

On line pub for the socially isolated. Get a drink and some munchies and join the crew for an hour every Monday night at 7.30pm. Check out this facebook page…
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Getta Grip: Over shopping

This episode looks at panic buying. Tweet to @GrnEydMnster FOLLOW US ON:

Getta Grip: Staying Connected

We talk about social isolation created by physical distancing. Tweet to @GrnEydMnster FOLLOW US ON:

Getta Grip: Elderly and Corona Virus

We talk to Stewart Johnston about Care Watch Australia and the Elderly during this Corona crisis. Stewart is know for his efforts to help the elderly after problems at Oakden…
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DIY Workshops

Due to the current state of community health, we have temporarily removed the DIY Workshops. They will not be available until further notice. Thank you for your understanding. Tweet to…
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Hard at Work

I have always been one to show people things and places through video. In these tough times and restrictions I hope to still play a role by creating web shows…
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Getta Grip: Dave’s Tavern

In these times of Physical Distancing, perhaps you still need to go to the pub. Well, here’s how you can do it without breaking any restrictions. Tweet to @GrnEydMnster FOLLOW…
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Getta Grip #2 – Reclaim your Social Life

Check out our second episode of Getta Grip. This time hosed by Graeme Goodings. Talking with David Hales about reclaiming your social life during the COVID-19 crisis. Tweet to @GrnEydMnster…
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