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Public Speaking : Quick Tips – 2

Graeme Goodings has prepared a series of podcasts to help with public speaking. Graeme is an expert at presentation and he gives a multitude of tips for those venturing to…
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What you get when appearing on Biz Adelaide

Come on Biz Adelaide, promote your business, help a charity and benefit everyone. Tweet to @GrnEydMnster FOLLOW US ON:    

Southern Domestic Violence Action Group

This show we have Di Newton from SDVAG talking about violence towards women and funding for assistance. Tweet to @GrnEydMnster FOLLOW US ON:    

Consolidation of brands

Green Eyed monster is now a consolidation of all our media brands. This is to simplify maintaining the content which was across several sites. Now it will all be here.…
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Recent Upgrades

Over the last few months we have updated the studio. First, it got a coat of paint followed by wall panels and LED lighting.   Pat did all the paining…
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Are you looking to get back to business?

So, you are looking to get back to work when the restrictions lift. Green Eyed Monster Video is right there with you. We can produce marketing videos, product info segments…
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Business Skeptic – Pivoting

Business Skeptic: Pivoting. What, hey, shrug. What is pivoting and should you do it? Tweet to @GrnEydMnster FOLLOW US ON:    

DIY Workshops

Due to the current state of community health, we have temporarily removed the DIY Workshops. They will not be available until further notice. Thank you for your understanding. Tweet to…
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Hard at Work

I have always been one to show people things and places through video. In these tough times and restrictions I hope to still play a role by creating web shows…
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Check out our latest show!

Check out our latest show about being mellow and cool in these troubled times. Getta Grip is all about being cool, mellow and self monitoring in these days of Corona.…
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