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Doing business – How to get around corona virus

Business must go on even with corona virus. Especially, as things scale back and in some cases shut down. We need a way to keep in contact even with social…
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Studio Ad

Waste not, want not! Here’s a recycled ad for our studio. Check out the web page too. CLICK HERE. Tweet to @GrnEydMnster FOLLOW US ON:    

Business Skeptic 4: The Money Go Round

This week a double whammy with two episodes to make up for last week. Let’s have a look at a certain attitude and how it stifles business. The Money Go…
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Business Skeptic: Signs and Brand Image

Episode 3 Are your signs doing your business justice? Tweet to @GrnEydMnster FOLLOW US ON:    

All British Day 2020

John and I were out at Echunga for the All British Day 2020. We were with Jeremy Cordeaux doing interviews across two ovals full of cars. Tomorrow will be edit…
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Slowmo 2600fps

Check out our updated slomo reel up to 2600fps. Tweet to @GrnEydMnster FOLLOW US ON:    

Spring Cleaning in February

As most of my friends and colleagues will know, I can’t stay still for long. Things start to pile up and you need a clean or rearrangement to keep you…
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Fountain in slow motion at Old Noarlunga

Today we were at Old Noarlunga and we had the slomo camera handy and so the fountain took our eyes. Tweet to @GrnEydMnster FOLLOW US ON:    

Business Skeptic Ep2

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Business Skeptic Ep1

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