DIY Workshop

Video & Social Media Marketing, South Australia

If you feel professional video production is out of your reach, then we have just the thing for you.

A D.I.Y. Video Workshop!

In this one-to-one 4 hour workshop we will show you some advanced techniques that we use in a professional video that will work very well on your mobile phone. Plus, basic production techniques to give your video that professional look and feel.

We will show you:-

  • How to plan your shot list.
  • Getting your point across in the shortest time possible.
  • How to correctly use your camera.
  • How to frame your shots.
  • What shots to take and ones that are unnecessary fluff.
  • Using the zoom for effect rather than just making things closer.
  • A tripod. Stability! The best shots.
  • Consider the light.
  • How to get good sound. The make or break of most videos.
  • What editing software and Basic rules of editing.
  • Adding effects and text.
  • Packaging it all up and getting it on line.

Learn from a professional cinematographer’s 35+ year’s experience in the commercial TV industry.

Workshop Price $195.00 inc GST

For bookings call 0473 88 77 35 or email

Workshops are held on a pre-booking basis and pre-payment will be required before the designated workshop date.


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