Getting a Quote

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What to ask when getting a quote
and what we will ask.

Here is where we’ll be brutally honest with you!

Most people come to us and ask, “How much will a 1 to 2 minute video cost me?”

We are then going to say, “What do you want us to do, where do you want us to go to film?”

There are many things that will come into play during the creation of a video production.

Here are just some of the factors that affect price:

  • Shooting locally is going to be different than if you send us to Alaska.
  • An eight hour shoot is going to cost more than a two hour shoot.
  • Animation is an additional investment.
  • Actors and voice-over artists add to the price.
  • Royalty Free Music or background tracks.

Video production is not like buying a TV. We can’t quote on the end product. It’s all about what you want us to do to get the end product.

If a TV is $500 then two are $1000. It’s that simple. However, if I collect one from a local store and have to drive 500kms for the other, then the price is different for the two TVs due to the travel.

I think you get the drift.

The inevitable question 2.

Next we get asked, “Well OK, what are we going to get for the money?”

This is where we need a meeting.

Upon getting together and discussing requirements we collect the ideas, target audience and feel of the pending production. We then prepare a rough overview with our input. We get back to you and present this outline for your consideration.

Like the plumber, we are not going to tell you every detail about how to do the job, drop the pipes off on the front lawn and hope we get employment.

You have to engage us before we start work.

Intellectual Property is our pipes, you are not going to get them until we at the least have an agreement and a deposit or a written understanding that we have been engaged to do this project. Only then we can get on with delivering your product (Video) and all the details that go with it. We hope this makes clear our process and the reasoning behind our policies.

It’s just simple business, we work, we get paid. If you’re want our ideas, then we want your money.

Pricing Options to make you, the client safe.

So, to give the client (you) the best options for producing your video and feeling you are getting the right price, we will upon being given a budget give you three options.

Price Point Options:

  • Option 1: What we can create for the budget provided.
  • Option 2: What we can create for two thirds of the budget provided.
  • Option 3: What we can do for a third of the budget provided.

This way you can proceed without fear that we are just going to run it up the flagpole as far as we can. You will have control over how much you are willing to spend.

We will be reliable, honest and we will do the best job for the budget. We will also tell you if you have over or under budgeted.

All the best,

David Hales
Green Eyed Monster
Video & Social Media Marketing
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