Mission Statement

Video, Podcasting, Studio & Social Media Marketing, South Australia

Green Eyed Monster Mission Statement

At Green Eyed Monster we aim to provide video production, photography, studio hire to the customer with the following points in mind:

  • To adequately provide for the customer’s needs.
  • Work within the customer budget and time framework.
  • Provide useful information on how to keep costs in check while gaining the best possible production.
  • Produce media that will engage the customer’s target audience.
  • To inform customers of price vs expectations.
  • To be truthful and open about our pricing.
  • To engage proactively with the customer on all facets of their production.
  • Complete a finished quality product for the customer.

We are here to make your experience not only professional but fun. Surely, promoting your business should be fun! After all, it’s a big part of your life.



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