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Ahhh,huh! I knew you get to this bit eventually, if not first!

For most people the first thing mentioned is cost. It should be value for money for what you want done.

When you spend your had earned bucks you deserve value and at Green Eyed Monster it’s our Prime Directive.

If I am asked, “How much?” I respond, “Tell me how much you want me to do?”

It’s as simple as that.

A word on pricing. I can’t quote on an unknown.

People always ask me up front, “How Much?” and I have to respond, “I don’t know. What do you want me to do?”

The one thing I can tell you is I will give you my best price and best service no matter what!

You will get value no matter what scale you choose for your production.

David Hales

So, I am not going to quote a price list here as you can spend as much or as little as you want on your video. It’s up to you how much or how little you want us to do. Remember, we will give you the best service and product possible for your budget.

Each video will be custom designed and priced accordingly. If you have a budget, tell us. We will then talk about the options to fit your budget. Don’t be frightened to state an amount. We won’t price up just because you offered it.

Just lay it down! State your budget and we’ll let you know if you are too high or too low for the job required.

We are not opportunists!



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