Slow Motion Video

Video, Podcasting, Studio & Social Media Marketing, South Australia

Green Eyed Monster is in to anything video. In this case, slo-motion. Our slow motion camera can shoot up to 1000 fps (frames per second) and we can interpolate the result to get a 2000+fps equivalent.

Waves, surf and birds at 250fps & 500fps.

Slow motion shows the world in a new light and the detail of everyday things we dismiss as “ordinary.”

This is a fountain at Old Noarlunga. 250-2600fps.

Slow motion is ideal for showing detail of how things operate or to add effect to a video production. Especially to emphasize a point or particular function.

Creek at Innman Valley at 250fps.

Slow motion is a specialty as there are many things that have to be right to get quality video at higher frame rates. Lighting is very important in artificial environments like a studio. There are special lighting techniques to attain the best possible images.




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