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Sneak Peeks SA is a new web video show that focuses on those places and things to do around Adelaide.  Especially those special things that are not normally promoted by main stream tourism.  The show has been created for Adelaide residents to help find those things we’ve not seen or done before.

The show is currently sponsored by Green Eyed Monster Productions. However, if you like what you see, we welcome additional sponsors as we’d like to keep it free for participants.

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Hi Everyone,

My business is sponsoring a new web show that promotes things to do and see around Adelaide. The show is called, SNEAK PEEKS SA. What I need is a list of these things to see and do so I can contact them with the proposal that the come on the show. I hope there are plenty of ideas here and I will definitely contact them if their name is put forward. Hey, it’s a sponsored show so it’s free for participants. If you would like to sponsor the show, that’s OK too. We need to keep it going to promote the little guys. If you think you can help either by providing a name or by sponsoring the show, my number is 0473 88 77 35. You can call me, text me or contact me via Facebook. I’d love your help.

All the best
David Hales

If you know any special or unusual places or things to do around Adelaide just let us know about it.

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