Venue Screen Advertising

Video, Podcasting, Studio & Social Media Marketing, South Australia

Do you have a business that needs exposure in the local community?

Green Eyed Monster can give your business exposure to the patrons at the Southern Districts Workingmen’s Club. We do this via three video screens located around the venue covering both dining and bar areas.

Members get a special discount on this service so, now is a great time to join the Southern Districts Workingmen’s Club to benefit from great advertising rates and 10% off all purchases at the club 7 days a week.

Member’s discount $20 per month
Non-members $50 per month (Join SDWC for $30 and get the discount)

Call David on 0473 88 77 35 or email


Sign up for the above offer with club membership and you can also promote your business or group on Biz Adelaide web TV for $55. That’s 50% off our normal pricing. Here’s a sample of Biz Adelaide below. Just click the play button to view. Biz Adelaide is a production of Green Eyed Monster.

Sample Ad screen

This is a sample of the advertising screens at the SDWC which could contain a promotion to your business. Club members and the general public see these screens on a 7 day a week basis. So, apepearances on the screens can drive people to your products or services.

To purchase ad space on the club’s screens please call David Hales on 
0473 88 77 35



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