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Video, Podcasting, Studio & Social Media Marketing, South Australia

Web Banner Advertising is a popular way to promote your web site, social media and videos across a multitude of sites. This gives you more exposure to a greater audience than you would normally have just via your own outlets and pages.

Prices starting from $10.00 per month (inc GST)

Banner ads take a variety of shapes and sizes but the most popular on the internet currently id a 300 x 250 px size like the one below. If you are using a pop-up blocker, now would be a good time to disable it for this site.

(Sample random banner display. Reload page to see.)

We use this shape to give your ads the best chance of gaining your required outcome such as more site visits, sales and more.

Here is a listing of current users of our service and their graphics.
Click the image to see the full graphic.


Exposure your business, event, sale, group or site to readers of the websites we utilize starting at $10 per month including GST.

  • Advertise for 12 months at $10.00 per month ($120 per year) and save $120.00
  • Advertise for 6 months at $15.00 per month ($90 per 6 months) and save $30.00
  • Advertise for 3 months at $20 per month

Call/contact us if you would like to join our service at great rates which is currently being served to 10+ sites with a combined view count of over 30,000 pages per month.

Please Note: We do not charge a cost per click or impression, our system is a FLAT RATE. So, you will always know what you are paying.
Honesty Policy: You should be aware that banners are shown at random with no special preferences and pop-up blockers can suppress these type of advertisements should individual users set their browser up to do this.



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