Why should I use Video?

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Why should I use Video?

Well, the answer is, why not!

The big companies do it. So, why not cash in on their expensive marketing research? These guys spend millions to find out what works. All you have to do is get the drift and benefit from their great work.

Most people say, “I can’t afford video!” Well, the big guys spend a significant portion of their income on advertising and they wouldn’t do it if it didn’t work. You might say, “I don’t work to make videos!” But, the big guys would say, “We make videos to get work!

So, what are you, a business or are you in a paid job?

There’s a big company (we won’t mention) who’s financials look like this:

  • Advertising each year $300 million
  • Profit $100 million

You might say wow! That’s a lot of advertising BUT they needed to spend that much to make $100 million profit. If they spent half that amount say $150 million then their profit logically would be only $50 million all things being relative.

So, why do these companies make videos?

Well, it’s not because they make money then say, “Wow we have money, let’s make a video!”

They say, “Let’s make promotional videos to make money!”

Don’t reinvent the wheel. Just use the research the big companies have paid for to benefit your business.




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