Green Eyed Monster

We can create visually engaging web video or podcasts for social media or web.
Studio available for hire. Morphett Vale, South Australia. Call 08 8325 0520.

Maximise your audience engagement!

Green Eyed Monster is a video and podcasting production house for businesses and associations to create professional content for promotion, advertising and how-to or training.

We take all of the mystery out of producing media so all you have to do is tell us what you want done. No figuring out how to do it, just decide your project and bring it to us.

Videos can be used on social media, in emails and on web sites. The options to get your message out there are unlimited.


The Secret of Success

By correctly combining content and video and making your presence felt consistently  over time your business will become a familiar haven for those wishing to use your services. New customers will become aware and seek out your products and services.


Video is the latest hi-impact way to engage your customers.


People prefer social engagement rather than ads driven at them.


Customers interact with businesses with various communication. Being available to engage one-to-one is the best customer retention plan you can have.


A good laugh can often break down walls and make new friends. Be light-hearted in you social media posts and videos. These are the things people remember.

Latest News

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