Video & Social Media Marketing

We can create visually engaging web video & video posts for social media or web.
Studio available for hire. Morphett Vale, South Australia.


So, you want to market you business using social media and video. Well, you need a plan! Green Eyd Monster can help you with that. Even if you are not sure how to get started, give us a call.


You’ve engaged us to help you. This is where it all comes together. We produce a strategy, find your target markets and create a campaign with all the above in mind that seeks out potential customers for your business.


We work through our proposal with you and make changes as required. Once approved, your video is produced and sent for your approval. Final edits are done and approved. Then it’s off to the big wide world. 

A few things we’re great at

Your competitors will be jealous of the video productions we make for you and will be green with envy. Hang on, our little fun green guy is from out there and he’s not the jealous type! He’s high tech and a great team-mate.

Take a short break. Here’s a relaxing video.

That was nice. Now on with things. Here’s what we can do….

Video Production

In these days of modern business practices, video is becoming a major part of martketing strategies. Businesses that use video are gaining and surpassing those that are not. We can help you enter or enhance your video presence.

Social Media

Social Media is all the rage and it can be hard to keep a consistent presence. We are all about saving you time by managing your social media on your behalf. Talk to us about a consitent presence on whatever outlet you choose.


The Secret of Success

By correctly combining content and video and making your presence felt consistently  over time your business will become a familiar haven for those wishing to use your services. New customers will become aware and seek out your products and services.


Video is the latest hi-impact way to engage your customers.


People prefer social engagement rather than ads driven at them.


Customers interact with businesses with various communication. Being available to engage one-to-one is the best customer retention plan you can have.


A good laugh can often break down walls and make new friends. Be light-hearted in you social media posts and videos. These are the things people remember.

Our Team

Meet the crew! We like to be happy and we like to make others happy. Join us and be happy! Plus, we are professionals and there is nothing better than a job well done. Lucky we like helping others!

David Hales

The Boss (Apparently)

AKA Can-do-Dave

Pat Hales

The Real  Boss

AKA Money Pit

John Brougham

Camera Operator

AKA Snappy Chappy

Kirstie Hales

Real Green Eyed Monster


Graeme Goodings

Journalist/Voice -Over Artist

AKA The Golden Voice

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