Web Advertising

Green Eyed Monster, the Video and Podcasting Experts


We can advertise your business on 3rd party sites with our banner advertising system.

This is done by inserting a banner designed for you in our rotation so that it appears on many sites giving you more exposure across a wider audience. Similar to the ones seen on this site.

These ads can then be clickable and link customers back to any page you like. Such as on your web site, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin or YouTube.

We can make specific ads appear on some sites while not  on others. This is great if you do not want to appear say, on a similar businesses’ site or do not want to advertise in certain areas.

Another great benefit of using our system is we do not charge per click, unless you specifically want that. The normal practice is a monthly fee so you know what to expect.


If you would like some extra cash each month then we can help with that. You can sign up to display our banner ads on your site and receive payments each month based on the ads or space you provide.

There is no fixed plan for this and each site is individually considered.