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Video, Podcasting, Studio & Social Media Marketing, South Australia

Can Do Dave Podcast

Check out Can Do Dave for all the latest whinges, whines and fun. Dave talks about anything that annoys, gripes or cheeses him of about society, family, friends or just…
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A-Z for Podcasters

A-Z for Podcasters is all about helping you to maximise your production to achieve the best results possible. We have gear tips, production concepts, promotional ideas and much more. Each…
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The Deck Cafe on the Wharf American River

We talk with Tanya about her café at American River. It is next to the Independence shed on the wharf. Tweet to @GrnEydMnster FOLLOW US ON:    

Can Do format change

I get a bit sick of hearing myself gripe and so I am widening the format of the show to include special guests and phone-ins from you, our audience. Let’s…
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Check us out on social media

We have updated which social media outlets you can use to keep up with Green Eyed Monster. These include various podcast outlets and video hosts. So, you now have more…
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Support us on Patreon

We’ve just set up a Patreon account to not only distribute our audio podcasts and video. You can support us to make more creative, informative and entertaining content. The more…
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We’ve been stetting up Business Hub Glenelg with a Podcasting Studio

The Power of Podcasting NEW PODCASTING STUDIO FOR BUSINESS HUB GLENELG Over the past few weeks green eyed monster has been setting up a podcasting studio at the business hub…
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Public Speaking Tips with Graeme – Appearance

Graeme brings us instalment number 8 on Public Speaking, Appearance. He covers how to dress for different audiences. Match the occasion. Green Eyed Monster Audio · Graeme Goodings Public Speaking…
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Johnno has his own podcast!

Hey, John has started his own podcast this week called John’s Retro. He’s going to cover a multitude of topics and for the second show he talked with David Hales…
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The Big Tech Theory Podcast

Starting on Wednesday April 4th, 2021 we will be producing our new podcast called, The Big Tech Theory. More affectionately known as BTT the show will cover topics like computing,…
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